Koe Wetzel To Open New Bar And Restaurant, Koe Wetzel’s Riot Room, In Fort Worth, Texas

Koe Wetzel country music
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Forget all those artist-owned bars on Broadway in Nashville…

It looks like Koe Wetzel might be gearing up to open his own bar and restaurant, Koe Wetzel’s Riot Room, in Fort Worth, Texas soon.

As of right now, there’s not much information out there, but a fan shared this picture yesterday of what looks to be the front of the building with Koe’s signature logo plastered front and center:

It also appears as though they have a website in progress, and even held a design contest to narrow down a logo, which can now be found on the home page:

Koe Wetzel country music

There is only a tab for “Jobs” on there at the moment, which gives options to apply for positions that make up a full restaurant and bar staff, so if you’ve ever wanted to work for Koe, now’s the time…

I’ve been to Fort Worth once in my life, and I don’t remember seeing any other bars in the downtown area that had artist names on them like this, though it’s definitely the “trendy” thing to be doing on Broadway in Nashville right now.

You have mainstream superstars like Blake Shelton, Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, Kid Rock, Miranda Lambert, and coming soon, Eric Church, plus many others, all of whom who own (or have some sort of stake) in massive bars that are constantly filled with people visiting Music City.

This concept is a bit of a first for a Texas artist, but in my opinion, a brilliant move by Koe to tap into the Texas market with an artist-owned bar of his own simply from a business perspective.

And from a brand perspective, it’s a no-brainer for him to own his own bar, right?

I can just see the bachelor (and bachelorette parties even more so, to be honest), rolling into Fort Worth and heading straight to Koe Wetzel’s Riot Room for a grand old time (and hopefully leaving in one piece).

We’ll have to wait and see what their menu looks like, if they’ll have live music, and even what the decor and design will look like inside, but with everything they already have in progress, hopefully we’ll get an opening date (and official announcement) sooner rather than later.

Stay tuned for more details to come…

And while you’re here, make sure you check out Koe’s new single with Diplo and Kodak Black, “Wasted,” that just dropped yesterday:

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