Luke Bryan Recalls Drinking A Whole Bottle Of Tequila On Stage Hosting Charity Concert: “I Said ‘F*ck’ Like A Zillion Times On The Mic”

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Man, I just can’t imagine Luke Bryan getting so wasted before one of his concerts, that he could barely function.

I mean, could you?

My guy would probably start twerking on his guitar player and start asking the crowd to throw ones at him because he got confused and thought he was at a strip club.

A while back, Bryan made an appearance on NELK’s Full Send podcast, and talked about everything from his career, to his wildest moments as a country singer.

And in this portion of the video, he talked about the drunkest he’s ever been on stage.

He admitted at the beginning of the video that he likes to drink a cup of grapefruit juice and vodka, but that’s all, so he just likes to get on stage with a little bit of a buzz.

He also admitted that he had to have a little buzz, because if he went on stage sober, he would start overthinking the lyrics and mess up.

However, there were a few occasions where Bryan got absolutely rip-sh*t drunk before concerts, and he recalled a story from early on in his career, right before he had gotten signed to Capitol Records.

It all went down in Centerville, Iowa, in what he described as a “hayfield” in front of 200 people.

He recalled:

“It was first day of football season, college football, I was on the bus and man we just got trashed. And I got on stage, and it was awful. Ya know there’s 200 people there so I didn’t really do too much damage to myself, but literally it felt like I couldn’t get it together.

And I never got it together… I got through it, I did the whole show and by the end of the show, I’d kinda sobered myself up but it was bad.”

He also added that his Spring Break shows got pretty rowdy, as does the final night of his Crash My Playa festival down in Mexico.

But nothing was worse than the time he crushed an entire bottle of Casamigos on stage at a charity concert… at his house.

“We had a charity event at my house and I drank a whole bottle… it was not the time to do it, and I drank a whole bottle of Casamigos on stage… it was bad.

We had like 5 or 600 people at our house and we’re jamming… the people there weren’t pissed, it was the neighbors that were sitting on their back porch like a mile away.

They didn’t call the cops but I said f*ck like a zillion times on the mic, and a million people heard it throughout the county. I woke up the next morning like, ‘God, I gotta make some phone calls.'”


I mean, it’s your own house, right?

Ya know, Luke said it best in one of his songs:

“It’s time to take my drunk ass home”

On that same podcast, Bryan also admitted that he can tell if a “country singer” is truly country or not, after they spend one minute on his farm:

“Here’s what I can unequivocally say without a shadow of a doubt…

If you sing about hunting and fishing and drinking and trucks and shit, and I get you on my farm… in one minute I can tell if you’re a poser… or if you’re not legit.

I could just hand you a fishing rod…”

Unfortunately, he wouldn’t spill the details of who exactly he was talking about.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock