Damar Hamlin Looking To Trademark “Did We Win?” & “Three Is Back” To Raise Money For First Responders

Damar Hamlin
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It’s so great to see that Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin has nearly fully recovered after going into cardiac arrest after making a tackle against the Cincinnati Bengals last Monday night.


It truly is a miracle, considering the 24-year-old had to get resuscitated twice, once on the field and once when he got to the hospital, according to his uncle.

Not to mention, it was amazing to see the unity of everyone across America, as they joined together to send their thoughts and prayers to Hamlin and his family while he was in the hospital.

With that being said, Hamlin is ready to make his next steps.

Once he regained consciousness in the hospital, he was able to communicate via writing while he still had the breathing tube in.

The first thing he asked was:

“Did we win?”

And the doctors responded:

“Yes, you won the game of life.”

Now, he’s ready to take that iconic saying “Did we win” and make it his own, as he’s making an effort to trademark that phrase, along with “Three Is Back,” according to TMZ.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office records show that Hamlin filed for the trademarks on January 6th, just days after he went into cardiac arrest.

The application states that he’s trying to use the phrases on shirts, clothing jerseys, sweatshirts, hats, pants, shorts, and jackets, along with printed and downloadable posters, mugs, and ornamental novelty pins.

It also lists educational and entertainment services for:

“Motivational and educational speakers in the field of self- and personal improvement”

And also:

“Health care services in the nature of athletic training.”

In fact, Hamlin has already created and released “Did We Win?” shirts, saying that all the proceeds will go back to the UC Trauma Center:

“We all won. Proceeds of this shirt will go to first responders and the UC Trauma Center. Go get yours!”

Ya gotta love it, taking a near death experience and turning it into something for the greater good.

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