Cris Collinsworth Goes Viral AGAIN For Being An Absolute Creep In The ’80s: “I Like Girls Who Aren’t Too Bright… High School Girls Love Me”

cris Collinsworth

We all know Cris Collinsworth as the perky, always smiling NFL prime time broadcaster, who smiles so much it’s almost creepy.

The guy has been in the booth calling games since 1990, and has ultimately become a staple of NFL prime time games over the past several years.

But, before his broadcasting days, Collinsworth was apparently a big time lover of the ladies… ESPECIALLY the younger women, during his playing days as a star wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals from 1981 to 1988.

At one point during his NFL career, Collinsworth was used during an in-game segment, all about how he likes to get girls. And boy, this sh*t would NOT fly in today’s world.

Collinsworth says in the cringey interview:

“I think being a bachelor, and playing football have a lot of similarities between ’em. You go out to anything in the world anymore competitive than going out and trying to find the girl.”

He was then asked why he thinks the girls like him, and he responded:

“Probably because of the money, you know, and I’m not gonna deny it, and I walk around with $100 bills hanging out of my pockets usually, and try to give it my best shot because before I ever made any money it was pretty much a big nothing still.”

And then, he delivered one of the wildest statements I’ve ever heard about picking up women, all on national TV:

“I like girls that aren’t too bright, because you can trick ’em a little bit. The punk rockers all love me, those are my big girls. High school girls love me. 14-18 I’m a big star with them.

As soon as they mature, after about 18-years-old they start figuring out, ‘Wait a minute, I know there’s better out there than that.'”


My guy, you would’ve been arrested and they would’ve thrown you under the jail if you made those kinda comments today.

Ol’ Cris C was on another one that night.

Just listen for yourself:

Back in 2009, he issued an apology;

“As a family man I am extremely embarrassed by an interview I did when I was in my early twenties about dating. My comments were insulting, immature, and foolishly intended as a joke. They do not reflect how I lived my life then or now.

I was asked to do something humorous about dating, and it has been a major embarrassment to me since the day I said it.

I apologize to anyone who has ever had the misfortune to see it now or a quarter-century ago.”

He’s a real life Dave Wooderson… except he actually made it to the NFL.

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