Shania Twain Confesses Nude Photo Shoot Was Really Scary At First: “I Was Petrified… But It Was Only Empowering”

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Louie Banks

Shania Twain’s new pink hairstyles seem to be symbolic of her Queen of Me album’s theme – embracing every bit of who you are.

It’s no secret that Shania is the queen in pop country and a queen in fashion choices, and she had some incredibly iconic fashion moments throughout her ‘90s peak at super stardom.

And now she is back, and in preparation of her new album release and world tour, she’s been donning pink hair.

In a recent interview with the Today Show, complete with her new vibrant hairstyle, Shania shared that the album and the title she chose for it mean a lot to her own growth throughout the years:

“It means taking responsibility, ownership of yourself. Loving who you are. I’m my own royalty, I’m the boss of me.

And I’m responsible for the decisions I make, for what I say, for what I do, and it’s a statement of self-confidence that I’ve grown into more over the last few years.

It’s so essential more than ever, ya know as we age and our skin starts to melt and all kinds of things start to happen to us, ya know.”

Shania went on to share in the interview that she was self-conscious and shy a lot in her last era in the spotlight, she even worried about wearing a bikini at the beach when she was younger.

But now, she’s come into herself a lot and “stopped the nonsense” in exchange for embracing experiences and her own life to the fullest.

Starting with the wigs in her music video for “Waking Up Dreaming,” to me, the pink hair is just another subtle hint at Shania’s newfound confidence (even though the color itself may not be subtle).

She even took the self-love to another level when she decided to pose nude for the cover of the album, and she looks absolutely stunning.

However, she admits that she was petrified ahead of the shoot:

“I did a whole shoot as part of the album artwork where I’m completely nude. And it was very… it was really scary. I don’t really love my body, I don’t love looking at myself in the mirror with the lights on or looking in the mirror at all at my body. So I said, listen, I’m going to face that fear.

It was so empowering, I’m so glad I did it. I was petrified, but once I flicked that switch, and dove into it, I’m like ‘I’m all in.’ I committed 100 percent.

And I wasn’t thinking about what anybody thought, I didn’t think about who was in the room. This is about me, this is my moment to really embrace myself in a vulnerable moment. It had to be vulnerable where I felt that I was facing a fear of being judged or maybe even laughed at, being embarrassed.

But it was only empowering. It was really fabulous.” 

You would never believe this woman is 57.

It’s nice to see a female icon from our younger years stepping out with a new lease on life and the fortitude to share that with other women. We all need a little more Shania in our lives and less fear to “feel like a woman!”

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