Loretta Lynn Talks About The First Time She Met Willie Nelson: “He Was One Of The Most Handsomest Men I’d Ever Seen”

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Two of the greatest to ever do it.

We lost the late, great Loretta Lynn back in October, and there’s just so many good stories she told that I never get tired of listening to anything she has to say.

And one of the best is when she talks about meeting Willie Nelson, and how they played shows together in their early days in Music City.

She describes him as “one of the most handsomest men I’d ever seen,” adding that this was before he had all the long hair and braids and was still sporting the short hair and full suit:

“When I first come to Nashville, I met Willie. We did some shows together when I first come to Nashville.

I thought he was one of the most handsomest men I’d ever seen. He had this suit on, you know, business suit. And his hair was brass, the color of brass. And his eyes were the same color.

And of course it was short hair, I mean, he was a handsome guy.”

And she still felt that way after all so much time, joking at the time of this interview six years ago:

“Well he’s still handsome! What am I saying? But I love Willie, I don’t care if he’s got hair down to the floor.”

Talk about precious… I can only imagine what it was like seeing those two in concert together and some of the great memories they shared over the decades.

You can watch her tell the story here:

The two legends teamed up for a song called “Lay Me Down” back in 2016, which was written by Mark Marchetti and included on Loretta’s 43rd studio album Full Circle.

And Willie’s son Lukas, along with Loretta’s granddaughter Emmy Russell, honored her with a beautiful tribute singing it at the CMT special Coal Miner’s Daughter: The Life And Music Of Loretta Lynn in October:

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