Hunter Unleashes Hilarious Rant About The Hundreds Of Squirrels Ruining His Hunt: “Just Barking & F*cking”

Deer Hunter

We all love a good tall hunting/fishing tale.

Okay, when I say “tall tale,” I’m not talking about those scumbags Chase Cominsky and Jake Runyan who stuffed their walleye with eight pounds of sinkers to try to cheat their way to victory at a walleye fishing tournament at Lake Erie in Cleveland, Ohio a few months back.

Those guys can get the book thrown at ’em for all I care.

I’m talking about the tall tales when you’re sitting around with your buddies, drinking a few cold ones, and everybody exaggerates the size of the fish they recently caught.

Or maybe it’s why you keep getting skunked.

And for this hunter’s excuse?

It’s them damn squirrels, they’re at it again.

The video was posted to TikTok by user @zimmy3366, and the caption reads:

“This buddy of mine is usually tagged out the 2nd week of bow season but not this year and the squirrels are taking over”

Sure enough, the guy goes on this wild and hilarious, perhaps drunken, rant about there being “100 different squirrels of every kind” out there in the woods, and they’re keeping all the deer away.

The dude also sounds hilariously like Will Ferrell:

“I’ve got a problem. My woods is out of equilibrium. There’s more squirrels than you’ve ever seen in your life. No I’m dead f*ckin’ serious…

At any given time you can count 100… No, no, no, I swear to God you can count 100 different squirrels.

I can verify that they’re all different squirrels, they’re all f*ckin’ different squirrels, it’s just they’re all f*ckin’ everywhere.”

“When asked if he wanted a blow dart gun to take down some of these pesky critters, he said:

I wanna f*ckin’ match, burn the whole motherf*cker down. There ain’t no f*ckin’ deer out there because of it.”

Tough scene my guy, tough scene.

“Dude, it’s just constant static, it’s all you hear… just barking and f*cking.”

At least he has that 30-rack of corn can Busch Lattes to drown his sorrows.

Check it out:

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