Yellowstone Season 5: The Cast Reacts To Episode 7, “The Dream Is Not Me”

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We’re just about in the thick of things in Yellowstone season five, as episode seven aired this past Sunday.

With that being said, the show is giving us yet another opportunity to hear the cast and crew recap the latest episode, with another “Behind the Story” video.

To kick things off, Kelly Reilly (Beth) explains why Beth has latched on to Monica, and treated her nicely so far this season:

“Every season I have sort of a favorite character that I’m drawn to, and this year it’s Monica. There’s such a goodness to Monica. A deep goodness that Beth does not see in herself… Beth tells her that she understands how she’s feeling, and they share a loss and grief. There’s a sisterhood in them and a deep empathy in Beth for her.”

Kelsey Asbille (Monica) also discussed Beth’s relationship with Monica:

“It’s something that really speaks to Monica, because it makes her not afraid of loneliness. Beth is different when she’s engaging with Monica.”

The video then transitions to Thomas Rainwater’s meeting with the senator about gas pipelines running through Montana.

Gil Birmingham (Rainwater) shared:

“The senator and Rainwater have a discussion about, there are gas pipelines coming through Montana. Oh by the way, they’re going through your reservation… So it’s the same battles, different people.”

Mo Brings Plenty added:

“If our water becomes polluted, the more and more health issues would be knocking on our doors. Not just the reservation, but for all people. And so we have to protect that.”

Jill Hennessy, who plays Senator Huntington, discussed why she decided to back Rainwater and those on the reservation:

“She’s got her eye on all of those things. How everything reflects back to her politically as well.”

Forrie J. Smith (Lloyd) then weighed in on the stillborn bison that are emerging on the Yellowstone Dutton ranch:

“There’s some livestock issues that come up that really happen on ranches.”

Luke Grimes (Kayce) added:

“If any part of the herd gets it, then they’ll give it to other herds. It’s something they have to nip in the butt right away… John comes up with an idea to take the herd somewhere else, so they’re not around these bison that they’ve found who have it. And that means you’ve gotta split up the ranch a little bit.”

Kevin Costner (John) also shared:

“That’s what makes ranching so hard. The variables are so great.”

Cole Hauser (Rip) then adds why John tasked Rip with transferring the herd somewhere else:

“That’s what John expects of him, but it’s my responsibility as the ranch manager, so it’s just that simple.”

Forrie J. Smith also shared that there’s a ton of stress that goes into a situation like this, considering this issue could become catastrophic:

“There’s a lot of anxiety coming with that, not just John, all of us. I don’t know that me and Rip have ever been apart since he came to the ranch that long.”

Ian Bohen (Ryan) then discussed why Ryan decided to join the rest of the crew, instead of staying with Lainey Wilson’s character Abby:

“Ryan could’ve easily said, ‘Listen, can I just stay? I just feel like I wanna be here.’ And Rip might’ve been disappointed, but he had the out. It wasn’t a decision about her, it was about him. It was about Ryan. Who are you? And what do you need to be completed?”

Reilly then discusses the stress going into the decision to lease their land:

“You’re seeing people really trying to hold it together, but their way of life is changing. So, to sustain it and protect it, things have to change… She sees things in such a reality that he perhaps doesn’t.”

The video then transitions to Jamie and Sarah Atwood discussing ways to impeach John Dutton, since they’re pulling for Jamie to get the position of governor of Montana.

Wes Bentley (Jamie) shared:

“By suggesting John’s impeachments, Sarah does a great job of tapping into what is really going on inside. She’s got the money to give it strength… It then reveals that Jamie is plotting.”

Dawn Olivieri (Sarah) added:

“The impeachment, it’s a thing that Sarah has latched onto as the answer, or the way in.”

Check out the full video here:

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