Lionel Messi Giving Salt Bae The Cold Shoulder Was His Best Highlight Of The Entire World Cup

Messi world cup

Incase ya haven’t heard, Argentina took home the World Cup after defeating France in a thriller, which was ultimately decided in penalty kicks.

It was a wild game, and was one helluva way for Argentinian soccer star Lionel Messi to take home his first ever World Cup.

Now if you don’t know much about soccer, or never heard of Lionel Messi… he may in fact be the GOAT. The World Cup win definitely puts the cherry on top of what is already an incredible legacy.

Needless to say, every soccer fan and their brother would probably kill to have the opportunity to shake Messi’s hand and congratulate him on the win.

And one of those guys?

It would be Turkish chef, Salt Bae.

If the name doesn’t sound familiar, he’s the bozo celebrity chef who turned into a meme back in 2017, for his strange videos of himself preparing meals.

Ya know, this one:

However, the guy has been the center of several controversies after going viral, from mimicking a photo of former Cuban President Fidel Castro, to allegedly keeping a portion of his employees tips at his restaurant, breaking safety protocol at his restaurant in Boston when COVID-19 began, and more.

And in his latest controversy, the guy was seen hanging with the Argentina soccer team at the World Cup this year, even though the guy is Turkish.

And after seeing this video, it’s easy to see that the guy was unwanted there…

In the footage, you can see Messi wanting absolutely no part of Salt Bae, and completely gives him the cold shoulder. Salt Bae even grabs his arm multiple times trying to get his attention, and Messi just ices him out.

He even give him a bit of a death stare at the end there.

I LOVE it.

It’s obvious that the chef is down there, trying to pull the “hey everybody, remember me?!” card, and nobody is having any of it.

Check it out:

Apparently, persistence was key…

My God, what a doofus…

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