Yellowstone Stories From The Bunkhouse: Jimmy, Colby & Ryan Talk Budding Romance With Lainey Wilson’s Character Abby

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Yellowstone season five episode six dropped this past Sunday, and the show is giving us an opportunity once again to relive the episode through Jimmy (Jefferson White), Ryan (Ian Bohen), and Colby (Denim Richards).

Ian Bohen kicks things off by discussing what it’s been like working with Lainey Wilson, as Ryan and Wilson’s character Abby have began a relationship:

“Lainey Wilson is an absolute treasure. I didn’t know who she was, and then I looked her up and I listened to her music and I couldn’t wait to meet her.

She showed up, and she was just as excited and had as good of an attitude as you can on set as a new person, and admitted that she didn’t know how to do anything, and ‘Please, correct me.’

‘Correct me’ she would say if she did anything wrong, ‘I’d like to learn, and I want to be better.’ She’s such a natural. The way she writes her songs, her heart comes out of her.

She says the words as perfectly as they’re meant. So no one ever has any notes for her, and she’s as sincere, she’s the best acting partner for a first-timer that you could ever ask for.”

White also shared how interesting it is to see Ryan catch feelings for the first time on the show:

“It’s so exciting to see this whole other side of Ryan. He’s a guy who sort of has a foot in all these different worlds on the ranch.

We’ve seen, like, Ryan the livestock officer, basically going around with Kayce on these kind of tense missions, we’ve seen Ryan the prankster in the bunkhouse. It feels like this whole other side of him, this kind of flirt, this charmer.”

Bohen also discussed the musical side of Wilson as well:

“Musically, it was an absolute blast to see her play some songs that some of them were new that, at the time, I hadn’t ever heard, and you don’t have any real context, ’cause I listen to the record so often, and our romance is budding, you can tell there’s been a time cut that we’ve hung out in between, and now we’re a proper couple, so we get to dance together.”

He also admitted that he already knew how to line dance going into the show, because he would go to a line-dancing bar with friends when he was younger called the “Cowboy Boogie.”

Bohen also discussed the “country lifestyle,” and the three played a game where they would read lyrics, and figure out if it was a country song or not…

Needless to say, there are some outrageous country lyrics out there that we don’t know.

After the game Bohen discussed the scene where everybody went on the long horseback ride during the Spring Gathering:

“Every year you go out, and you gather all of the cow-calf pairs, you know, your new cows and little babies, and you gotta bring ’em back, and you gotta brand ’em, and vaccinate ’em, and do all the stuff. We get help from nearby ranches.

You leave at 3:00 in the morning, you don’t take any bed rolls, you don’t have any stuff, ’cause all you do is get out there, you get ’em together.

You herd them, spend the night, the next day, you bring ’em back in, and it’s like a giant parade, and the townspeople come, and Gator’s making food, there’s music and all that. And it took us about, I would say total, maybe 10 different shooting days.”

White added:

“Those are those moments that we’ve experienced over the last five years, where your character and you line up perfectly, and you look around and you’re like, ‘Wait a second. I’m actually out here doing this.’

And then just in the story, Taylor writes so brilliantly, these highs and lows.”

The three then discuss Emmett Wash passing away out in the meadow, and how perfect it was for it to happen peacefully, out doing what he loves.

Check it out:

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