Maren Morris Defends Meghan Markle Amid The Release Of The ‘Harry & Meghan’ Netflix Series (Even Though She Hasn’t Watched It Yet)

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A lot of eyes have been on this Harry & Meghan Netflix docuseries here recently, about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex

Needless to say, Harry and Meghan Markle have received a lot of negative press for their decision to leave the Royal Family, Meghan in particular.

With that being said, one country singer in particular is sounding off on all of those who have spoken negatively on Meghan’s behalf…

And it’s Maren Morris.

The “country singer” took to TikTok to share her thoughts, while at the same time, admitting that she hasn’t even watched the new show yet:

“Ok, I haven’t watched the Meg and Harry Netflix series yet, I’m about to on my flight, but I do have some questions…

This profound hatred and annoyance at Meghan Markle specifically, mostly coming from women, I have to say… it’s unfathomable to me. 

People are saying a woman should never take a man away from his family, that’s all that this is. Um, have you seen his family?”

She then dove into some Royal history, bringing up a number of other family members who have had issues with the royal family, including King Edward VIII, Princess Margaret and Princess Diana.

“We go back to the abdication of King Edward, who left the family because they would not allow him to marry the woman he loved because she had been divorced… he left the family.”

Of course, King Edward would have most likely been expelled had he not left… he would have never been allowed to marry two-time divorcee Wallis Simpson and still be the king.”

Maren continues:

“When they didn’t allow Princess Margaret to marry Peter Townsend, did not leave the family, but I kind of wish she had…

Apart from Diana, Princess Margaret’s story is one of the saddest. And you talk about Princess Di, she didn’t leave her children but she left the family.”

She then continued to discuss the hate that Markle has received:

“Now, I don’t know these people and neither do you, but I do have a moderate fascination with the Monarchy and the Royals, I’ve watched ‘The Crown,’ and I’m about to watch this Netflix documentary.

But I don’t understand this very specific hatred to Meghan herself, I never have.

I can only speak as an American who’s fascinated with this stuff, but people have been annoyed by royals or a particular person in the royal family for centuries. 

So, we are only living in this time of everything being so front-facing and people getting Netflix documentaries, what have you. This all feels very pointed at one woman as it mostly always has in history.

So, I don’t know. What do you guys think?”

@marenmorris The monarchy fascination continues… #meghanmarkle #thecrown #meghanandharry ♬ Chill Vibes – Tollan Kim

Of course, a number of folks on Twitter couldn’t help but laugh at Maren Morris of all people sharing her opinions on Royal drama:

The most common criticism of Harry & Meghan is that they do not want the responsibilities of being part of the Royal Family, but they want the perks.

She’s been accused of constantly playing the victim, despite marrying into the Royal family and gaining worldwide fame, power and money. She also has claimed to hate the spotlight of being a Royal, but seems to find way to put herself constantly into the spotlight… like a Netflix documentary.

There has also been claims of her being mean to staffers and assistants.

On the other hand, Meghan fans have claimed that racism, classism and sexism are the reasons she is poorly treated by the family.

But hey, at least we have Maren Morris’ informed opinion… and she supports Meghan.

Here’s the official trailer for the new Netflix docuseries, which recently premiered Part 1.

Part 2 (episodes 4-6) will air December 15th.

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