Neighbors Mad After Pennsylvania Deer Hunter Butchers Deer In Front Yard… Across The Street From A School

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Nothing like kids finding out where their meat actually comes from, right?

Call me old fashioned, but I think kids should be informed about where their food comes from… I mean, at what age is it “appropriate” to explain to little Timmy that those chicken nuggets he’s been hammering for breakfast, lunch, and dinner come from real life chickens that he sees at the local petting zoo.

Or more likely… real life chickens packed tightly in cages at the local factory farm…

Nevertheless, I don’t think you’re ever too young to learn about healthy, quality sources of meat, and that includes hunting and fishing. Granted, it can be an awkward conversation, but you’re not doing anybody favors by lying about it.

However, for some kids at a local school in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, they might have received an accidental crash course.

According to CBS News, neighbors were upset after a local hunter brought home his freshly-killed deer, and hung it from a tree in his front yard.

Why? Because his front yard is across the street from Greensburg Salem Middle School.

And maybe it’s where I grew up in Western Illinois, but plenty of kids were already hunting by middle school. Hell, the first day of deer season was a school holiday. Literally, you didn’t have to come to school if you were out hunting.

Nevertheless, some neighbors thought the move was careless and inappropriate.

One neighbor said:

“I got a grandchild just down the street, and I think I would really upset him to see a gutted deer hanging upside down in a front yard.”

However, the hunter offered up a very reasonable explanation, primarily the fact that this is where he, ummm… lives.

“I feel terrible doing it in front of the school, but this is where I live.

Makes sense.

But there’s more…

“I have no other choice. I have no other trees in my yard. If I did, I’d be doing it there.”

Again, I’m seeing no flaws in the logic here. Where else is he supposed to go? Local park? Stranger’s house?

Of course, he is well within his right to process the deer in his front yard, and he’s even apologetic about it… but to be honest, the entire report doesn’t say anything about the kids at school… it’s adult neighbors complaining about the possibility of kids being scarred for life.

Nothing in this report suggests the school asked him to move, or even that any children saw the deer and freaked out… so no harm, no foul eh?

Either way, the hunter says that he’ll continue to use his front yard until he find another place to do it.

So, if anybody in the Greensburg area wants to lend this guy a tree in their yard, you might get some venison out of it.

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