LeAnn Rimes Postpones Holiday Ryman Show After Diagnosed Vocal Cord Bleeding

Leann Rimes country music
Norman Seeff

Powerhouse vocalist LeAnn Rimes was set to hit the Ryman stage this weekend for a special holiday show, but she is now cancelling to follow doctor’s orders.

Up until a week ago, LeAnn continued to plug her holiday appearance at the Ryman on Saturday, December 10th, but then unexpectedly came down with the flu. Upon testing positive for the flu, doctors also found an additional vocal cord rupture.

Vocal cord hemorrhages are not uncommon, even though the diagnosis sounds horrible. However, they are caused by severe overuse or straining of one’s vocals – something LeAnn Rimes’ high notes are almost guaranteed to do!

Doctors have put the singer on strict voice rest orders, and she is currently not speaking out loud.

These orders were made evident by LeAnn’s personal announcement to fans about the cancellation which was handwritten. She wrote to fans that it “utterly [broke] her heart” to cancel the Ryman appearance, as she was looking forward to spending the holidays with her fanbase:

“I am devastated to have to do this as there was nothing more that I was looking forward to than celebrating the holidays with you.”

LeAnn’s vocal cords should heal in about a week’s time, and she is set to play a makeup show at the Ryman on April 8th of 2023.

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