TCU & George Washington Women’s Basketball Teams Get Into WILD Brawl, 8 Players Ejected

TCU fight

There was some HAND THROWIN’ in some women’s college basketball last night.

The brawl occurred in the second quarter of last night’s game between TCU and George Washington, when George Washington’s Essence Brown got tangled up with TCU’s Bella Cravens after she had just gotten a rebound.

Needless to say, tensions were flying high, and next thing you know both Cravens and Brown begin to swing on each other, with multiple hits landing on each others’ faces.

Players from both teams stepped in to attempt to separate the two, as Cravens appears to be held back by a George Washington players.

After the fight, eight players were ejected from the game, according to the New York Post, including TCU’s Lucy Ibeh and Roxane Makolo, along with George Washington’s Nya Robertson, Nya Lok, Jayla Thornton, and Caia Loving.

TCU ended up pulling out the W 70-58, improving their record to 4-4.

TCU’s head coach Raegan Pebley said after the game:

“We never want to be a part of anything like that. It doesn’t matter to me one bit who started it, who said what, it doesn’t matter, we don’t ever want to be a part of anything like that.

I definitely know that we have — as do they — high-character kids that the moment got away from all of them. And I think whenever something like that happens right in front of a bench, as opposed to the other sideline or the middle of the floor, it’s super vulnerable.”

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