Twitter Explodes After Man Offers Green Card To Iranian Soccer Fan He Saw While Watching The Worl Cup

Iran fan

Well if you were looking for a way to shoot your shot at somebody who lives across the world…

While The US was playing Iran in the World Cup yesterday, the camera spotted an admittedly gorgeous woman in the crowd, reppin’ Iranian colors.

Needless to say, I’m pretty convinced every dude on Twitter fell in love on the spot.

With that being said, one guy in particular was all about it, and decided to act on it himself, and it was Michigan gambling legend Joey Knish.

He took to Twitter to figure out who this woman was, with the sole intention of giving her a green card and bringing her to the States so they could get married and live happily ever after.

However, some folks didn’t like the move calling it sexiest, harassment and anti-feminist.

Of course, it’s pretty widely known that life in Iran isn’t great for women.

The country has also acknowledged that more than 300 people have died over the past two months, after protests broke out over the death of 22-year-old lawyer Mahsa Amini. She was killed three days after being arrested in the capital city of Tehran for allegedly violating the Islamic dress code (some of her hair was showing below her hijab).

We’re also talking about the same country that said their players on the World Cup team would be punished (maybe even executed) for protesting the country during the game and refusing to sing the national anthem.

A fan was also shot for allegedly celebrating the United States win over Iran in the World Cup by… honking his horn.

So yeah… and that’s just in the past two months.

However, because it’s Twitter… Knish got flamed like a chestnut over an open fire for the tweet, with a number of people blasting him for “sexual harassing” and her, and overall, making light of the women’s liberation movement.

Just see for yourself:

But hey, at least it looks like someone might take him up…

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