Fisherman Rescues Bobcat Swimming In Middle Of A Lake


That’s not a fish in the net.

Or something most people will ever see while out fishing.

The one good thing about these modern times is that most people always have a cellphone in their pocket and can capture these unique and wild moments on video a lot of the time. So, we can get a slice of the cool stuff even when we are not able to be out there searching for it ourselves.

Bobcats are just a cool animal. A kitty of the woods, constantly doing cat things. They are super successful hunters and have one of the prettiest coats of fur in North America.

Bobcats, like most cats aren’t particularly fond of water. They will swim if they absolutely need to. I feel like that need only comes from a survival stand point of getting away from something or more than likely going after a food source.

These fellas were out for a day of fishing when they came across a bobcat in the middle of the large lake. They figured the small cat wouldn’t make it so they decided to help him out a bit.

They scooped him into their fishing net and caught a bit of the crazy encounter on video.

“And what do we got in the basket? We got us a little bobcat. He’s not happy.

Here kitty, kitty kitty. Here kitty, kitty, kitty,

I think he wants in the boat but we’re not going to let him.”

It’s always great to see people trying to do the right thing and help out an animal in need.

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A beer bottle on a dock