Ask Flatland Cavalry: Is “A Life Where We Work Out” A Happy Or Sad Country Song?

Cleto Cordero

Whiskey Riff: Asking The Questions You Need, Getting The Answers You Deserve

*Que dramatic cable news cut sequence*

Back at Greenville Country Music Fest, we were fortunate enough to get a chance to speak with some of our favorite artists and ask them all sorts of questions that we just needed answers or more detail around.

From Charles Wesley Godwin saying the band he wants to share a stage with the most is the Avett Brothers (fingers-crossed on this one) to Larry Fleet giving the story behind his incredible song “Where I Find God”, the artists were incredibly open and willing to share some fantastic backstories and wishes with us.

And of course, the boys of Flatland Cavalry gave some incredible answers to what their guilty pleasure song is, but it wasn’t just funny questions they were asked.

Shelby, one of the biggest Flatland fans on the planet, hit lead man Cleto Cordero with one that had been burning at her and tons of listeners for awhile now…

“Is ‘A Life Where We Work Out’ a happy or a sad song?”

A great question and Cleto gave an even better answer.

“I personally believe it’s a sad song, but it sounds happy and it sounds hopeful so I think it confuses some people.

We’ve had people get engaged to that song, which to me they don’t work out I guess, but I don’t know…

Maybe it’s people who have fallen in a relationship too and they make it work out, that’s what it means to me.”

@whiskeyriff Is ALWWWO a happy or sad country song? @Flatland Cavalry ♬ original sound – Whiskey Riff

That’s how you know the songs he writes are next level, not even he knows the real meaning of the words he wrote.

Honestly pretty incredible.

Most songwriters have a pretty decent idea of what their songs are going to be, at least in their minds, but will say that whatever anyone takes out of it is just as good as the intention. But to seemingly not have that intention, letting the muse take the lyrics where they have to go?

So, what do you think? Is “A Life Where We Work Out” a happy or sad song?

I vote sad.

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