What Do We Gotta Do To Get Avett Brothers & Charles Wesley Godwin On The Same Stage?

Charles Wesley Godwin country music

Dear Avett Brothers,

I’m writing on behalf of one of the best country music acts on the face of the earth, Charles Wesley Godwin.

You may have heard of him from his incredible How The Mighty Fall album last year, featuring the likes of “Lyin’ Low”, “Strong”, “Jesse”, “Cranes Of Potter”, and plenty of other incredible displays of songwriting excellence.

Or perhaps you became aware from his 2019 debut album Seneca, lead by his most popular song to date, “Hardwood Floors”.

And if somehow you are unaware, I highly suggest you stop what you are doing and give his records a spin. I promise there’s no looking back once his rich, soul shaking voice hits your core.

Back to the original point, Mr. Godwin has long been a big fan of yours.

He even posted a killer cover of your song “If It’s The Beaches” a few months ago, accompanied by some beautiful banjo work.

Although you grew up in different states, it’s clear there’s a similarity in your raising and the character you’ve developed over years on the road, chasing dreams through music, but there’s still one dream of his that can be made a reality by you and you alone.

At Greenville Country Music Fest, we were fortunate enough to get a few minutes of his time and ask some questions. One of those was “If you could share a stage with any musician, dead or alive, that you haven’t already, who would it be?”

He gave his answer with no hesitation and I think you can guess what that answer was…

“The Avett Brothers… I don’t know if anybody from the Avett Brothers will watch this, but I’d love to do it!”

The giddy reaction and pure excitement in his voice proves the respect he has for you and the influence you’ve had in his life and career.

So what do you say? Give our guy Charles a call and let’s make this happen.

Not only would you make his day, there’d be a lot of folks chomping at the bit to get to see that live…

Your fans at Whiskey Riff

P.S. – We wouldn’t mind a few tickets if this does come about…

@whiskeyriff If you could share a stage with anyone…. 🎥: @axel.mikiel ♬ original sound – Whiskey Riff

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