49 Winchester’s Isaac Gibson On Who He Most Would Want To Share A Stage With: “My Hero’s Always Been George Jones”

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By this point it’s no secret, but if you haven’t yet given 49 Winchester a listen, get on it because the boys from Virginia are headed for big, big things.

They’ve been on an absolute heater since releasing their 4th career studio album, Fortune Favors The Bold, in May, which is sure to be at or near the top of every single album of the year list.

The killer record threw the guys right into the top echelon of country music, making their Grand Ole Opry debut, playing The Late Show with Stephen Colbertand just last week having their song “Last Call” featured on Yellowstone.

We were fortunate enough to see these guys pull an insanely large crowd away from the main area into the side stage they played at Greenville Country Music Fest, proving that while some may still see them as under the radar, a huge amount of fans have locked on for this wild ride.

While at the festival, the guys were gracious enough to give us some time for questions and conversations, even shot-gunning a beer to celebrate a killer show.

You may remember Charles Wesley Godwin saying he wants to share a stage with the Avett Brothers, and when Alex asked frontman Isaac Gibson the same question, who is the artist dead or alive he’d most want share a stage with, he choose the great George Jones.

“In the world of country music my hero’s always been George Jones… I know we’re kind of a little more rock and roll than that but what a thing it would be to share a stage with The Possum, you know what I mean?”

@whiskeyriff 49 Winchester x George Jones 😯 🎥: @axel.mikiel ♬ original sound – Whiskey Riff

Can you blame the guy?

George Jones is arguably the most iconic country artist of all-time and his influence has inspired countless musicians to chase their own dreams.

While Jones passed away in 2013, maybe we can get some 49 Winchester covers? That would be incredible…

Keep on, keeping on boys.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock