Randall King Drops Brand New EP, ‘Honky Tonk BS’

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If you haven’t gotten on the Randall King train yet, it’s about time to get your ass goin’, because the Texan keeps proving with each new music release that he has everything it takes to be one of the biggest names in country music.

King has one of the most raw and authentic voices in all of country music right now, and his Shot Glass album is in the running for our favorite album of the year thus far.

With that being said, the man is back at it again, as he dropped a brand new, five song EP titled Honky Tonk BS.

Each song is a King co-write and was produced by Bart Butler and Ryan Gore, and if you’re looking for the perfect collection of honky-tonk heaters that will have you reminiscing on ’90s country, this is the perfect EP for you.

On the EP, King unleashes his rowdy side of songwriting for all the right reasons, delivering each song with brutal honesty and serious grit, and it almost feels like he’s singing each song with a chip on his shoulder.

“Small Town BS” perfectly paints the perfect picture of the love-hate relationship of a small town, and the gossip that comes with it, where “She’s Gonna Kill Me” is a more humorous, fiddle driven song about fearing for your life after you just pissed off your significant other.

“Honkytonk Side Of Me” is the ideal song to get you in the rowdy mood before going out to the bar with the boys on a Friday or Saturday night and “In The Picture” slows it down for a classic “tear in your beer” honky tonk heartbreaker.

And finally, “Down Hell” is a gorgeous ballad about the brutal place we tend to go to after a tough breakup.

Give it a listen, you won’t regret it:

“Small Town BS”

“She’s Gonna Kill Me”

“Honkytonk Side Of Me”

“In The Picture”

“Down Hell”

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A beer bottle on a dock