Young Fan Writes Precious “Thank You” Letter To Navy Vet Zach Bryan In Honor Of Veteran’s Day

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Well, this is precious.

Over on Twitter earlier, a fan tweeted a photo to Zach Bryan of a letter written by a young elementary school-age girl named Josslyn.

Apparently, Josslyn’s parents shared a photo of this hand-written letter on a Zach Bryan Facebook fan page, which she wrote as a “thank you” note to her favorite singer on Veteran’s Day last week, saying they found it in her backpack and hoped he’d see it somehow if they shared it there.

Of course, Zach was an active-duty member of the U.S. Navy for several years, before being honorably discharged to pursue music full time in October of 2021.

It’s so dang cute to see Josslyn acknowledge his service and pick him as the person she wanted to write to for this assignment, and you really have to read it for yourself to see just how adorable it is.

I edited a little bit for grammar here, but honestly not too much, as Josslyn wrote a really sweet and thoughtful note that I’m sure Zach will cherish for a long time to come:

“Dear Zach Bryan, thank you Zach Bryan. Happy Veteran’s Day.

Were you in the Army/Air Force/Navy/Marine Corps/Coast Guard. Thank you for being a famous singer. People love your songs. I heard you live in Oklahoma.

Hope you have a good day. P.S. Hope you get this some day. Thanks. Love Josslyn.”

Zach saw the letter on Twitter, and was clearly touched by it, asking if someone could get in touch and make sure she saw his tweet thanking her for writing it:

“I see it. Can someone thank this small child for me please and tell him I’m thankful he wrote this.”

Hopefully, Josslyn’s parents see that tweet or this post about it, because I’m sure it would absolutely make her day to know how much Zach appreciated her letter.

Check it out:

Zach has had a monster year since diving full-on into music, from releasing his debut studio album American Heartbreak, putting out his Summertime Blues EP, and releasing quite a few other stand-alone singles along the way, including two brand new ones called “The Greatest Day of My Life” and “Fifth of May.”

And I know he doesn’t care about having a song on country radio, or whether or not he’s nominated for a Grammy this year (which he should be if we’re being honest), but I have to think getting a letter like this one from little Josslyn makes all the touring and cranking out music well-worth it.

“Fifth of May”

“The Greatest Day of My Life”

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