Randy Houser Just Keeps Getting Better With Sixth Studio Album, ‘Note To Self’

Randy Houser country music

Randy Houser has done it again.

It’s been a hot minute since we’ve gotten a new album from arguably the most underrated country artist in Nashville, with his last being his 2019 Magnolia album.

However, we received awesome news back in June when he announced his sixth studio album, Note To Self.

Houser has released a number of kickass singles, like the title track, “Still That Cowboy,” “Rub A Little Dirt On It,” and “Country Round Here Tonight,” and it was easy to see that this album had the potential to be his best work to date.

And sure enough, the day has come, and it’s exceeded expectations.

Houser discussed his excitement for the release, and working alongside producer Blake Chancey:

“Blake and I worked on this record for a long time, and I’m so proud to be able to finally share it. ‘Note To Self’ really came together at a time when I was doing a lot of reflecting on my life.
It became a way to impart some things I’ve learned about myself and some of the lessons I’ve learned along the way.

As artists, I think sometimes we get so caught up with trying to have a hit that we miss an opportunity to really connect with people. Sometimes you need to talk about what’s going on in the world, and in your own world, so people can relate to that and feel something.”

The album is a mix of good timin’ songs, songs of deep self reflection as Houser takes a look at his extensive country music career and relationship with his family, and more, and between Magnolia and Note To Self, Houser has truly displayed his maturation in the genre since he first burst onto the scene in 2008.

Here are a few of my favorites:

“Out And Down”

“Call Me”

“American Dreamer”

“Remember How To Pray”

Check out the track list below:

1. Still That Cowboy (Randy Houser, Matt Rogers, Josh Hoge)
2. Workin’ Man (Randy Houser, Randy Montana)
3. Note To Self (Randy Houser, Casey Beathard, Ross Copperman, Bobby Pinson)
4. Country ‘Round Here Tonight (Randy Houser, Brice Long, Jeff Hyde)
5. Take It To The Bank (Randy Houser, Jeff Hyde, Ryan Tindell)
6. Call Me (Randy Houser, Paul Overstreet, Andrew Albert)
7. Out And Down (Randy Houser, Matt Rogers, Chris DeStefano)
8. Rub A Little Dirt On It (Randy Houser, Jeff Hyde, Ryan Tyndell)
9. American Dreamer (Randy Houser, Brad Warren, Brett Warren)
10. Remember How To Pray (Randy Houser, Kendell Marvel)

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