Zach Bryan Pays For Rental Car For Fans Who Hit A Deer Driving To Red Rocks From Wisconsin

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Zach Bryan is good people.

Last night, Zach wrapped up his American Heartbreak tour with a show in the snow at Red Rocks. While there were a number of issues due to the freezing cold temperatures, he still did his best for the people who came out to see him, providing hand warmers and hot chocolate to everyone.

He also had one of the most iconic moments of his career, playing one of his original hits, “Snow”, as snow fell upon the Morrison, Colorado, crowd.

As always, Zach put the fans first, powering through a tough situation to make the most of what could have been a downright disaster.

But it wasn’t only at the show he took care of the fan’s needs.

A group of friends were driving from outside of Green Bay, Wisconsin to see Zach at the iconic Colorado venue, about a 21 hour drive with no stops, when halfway through in Iowa they absolutely crushed a deer.

Talk about a bad stroke of luck in the middle of what could have been the best road trip of their lives. Fortunately, everyone was okay, but the car looks to be totaled…

While most people may give up right then and there, the fans decided to power through and make the most of the situation, just like Zach was for the concert.

They got the car to a Kum & Go gas station, where they were calling an Uber to Omaha. Then from Omaha they were renting a car to take them the rest of the 12 hours journey.

They posted a picture on Twitter, tagging Zach, who responded as only Zach Bryan would.

“Rental car is on me! … glad you guys are okay”

My man…

What a classy move from Zach. Not only was he shelling out a decent amount of cash for the hand warmers and hot chocolate, but continued to do what he can to make sure these guys had the best night they could.

Hats off, ZB.

See you at Greenville Country Music Fest this Saturday.

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