Bull Moose Interrupts Youth Soccer Game In Wyoming

moose wyoming

When it comes to youth sports, typically the only things you have to worry about is a kid getting hurt, or a parent going berserk on a ref for a bad call and making a damn fool of himself.

However, when you live in Wyoming, you have to worry about massive creatures running rogue onto your child’s or sibling’s field of play…

Yeah, you don’t see this too often (actually never) where I live in the southeast.

In the video that was captured by Jackson, Wyoming resident Barbara Allen, you can see a massive bull moose interfering the middle of a youth soccer game.

You can see the parents, coaches, and players try to run away and keep their distance from the much, much larger creature.

It truly is wild to think that creatures like this can interfere in every day life in these parts of the country, and can almost be as common as seeing deer on the side of the road.

Luckily enough, it appears that everybody walked away unscathed from the potentially dangerous situation.

Bull moose can range from 840 to 1,500 pounds, so needless to say, the situation could have been much, much worse.

Check it out:

Here’s another angle, where you can see one man try to scare the moose away, as parents shield their kids:

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