John Daly Confirms Jonah Hill Biopic In The Works: “He Wants It Bad & I Think He’ll Be Great”

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Incase ya haven’t heard, there’s apparently a movie in the works about arguably the most legendary professional golfer to ever walk the planet…

And no, it’s not Tiger Woods. It’s not Jack Nicklaus. Not Arnold Palmer…

We’re talking about the great John Daly.

And I mean the two time Major championship winner, belly flop champ, Hooters connoisseur, part time country music singer, and excessive beer drinker. THAT John Daly.

With all of the wild stories Daly has accumulated throughout his 56 years, I couldn’t think of a better golfer to make a movie about.

On top of that, famed actor Jonah Hill is allegedly gonna play the role of Daly, which sounds awesome.

Nothing has truly been confirmed yet, and many were saying it was just a hoax. However, John Daly confirmed that they’re indeed trying to make a movie, and Jonah Hill is the guy.

He shared to the Golf Channel:

“We think that was kind of a leak, we’ve been working on it for almost two years now. We thought we had it, but there’s still some things we’ve gotta work out. 

So I don’t know if that was a leak or, I think it was a leak. So we’re still working on it, but hopefully soon we’ll get something done.”

And when he was asked if he wanted Hill to play him on the movie, he responded:

“He wants it really bad, and the way that me and him have fluctuated in weight in our lives, and no disrespect to him, I love him, love him as an actor, and I’m sure I’m gonna love him as a friend once we get this done.

He wants it bad and I think he’ll be great. I’m gonna have to get him on the driving range and see how far he can take the club back, and if he can do that then he’s all set.”

Get ready, because if this one comes together this is gonna be LEGENDARY.

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