Rabbit Jumps Clean Over Attacking Eagle, Does A Backflip And Gets Away

rabbitat eagle

This rabbit has some hops.

This little thing can dodge and jump all at the same time and I can honestly say I’ve never seen anything like it.

But, I’m here for it.

These creatures will do anything to survive. It’s a harsh world out there for them were only the strong and smart survive.

Rabbits or hares or bunnies all seem cute to us but the truth is, they are at the bottom of the food chain out in the real world. Although there are many that keep them as pets, the ones that exist in the wild get eaten by just about everything that eats meat. Foxes, coyotes, bobcats, bears and any bird of prey not only will eat them but thoroughly enjoy doing so.

It’s a harsh go for them. They aren’t the fastest animal out there, their colors can sometimes make them stand out and they are the perfect meal size for smaller predators.

This rabbit had enough of being low on the food chain and decided he needed some new methods to get by safely.

Birds of prey are fairly successful in their hunts as they can spot prey from miles away and attack with speed, power and have the element of surprise on their size.

As this golden eagle swoops in to make contact the rabbit wasn’t going to be meal on this day. It is on the run and sees the bird coming in to ruin his week.

As the eagle gets close, it takes a leap and literally jumps over top of the eagle giving it time to get away.

That’s what we like to see.

As cool as it is to see these animals hunt, it’s pretty cool seeing one like this get away in spectacular fashion.

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