Molly Tuttle’s Take On The Rolling Stones’ “She’s A Rainbow” Is Fantastic

Molly Tuttle country music

Bluegrass has a bright future thanks to modern-day artists, one of which is Molly Tuttle.

She is an insanely talented instrumentalist and has a way with words through her songwriting that rawly exposes feelings and events throughout life.

During Festival season, Tuttle hit the stage at The Ossipee Valley Music Festival in Maine and laid down a phenomenal cover of The Rolling Stones’ “She’s a Rainbow.”

A bluegrass version of this song was something that I didn’t realize I needed. The modern take on the tune highlights her artistry and is just damn good too.

Tuttle recorded the tune on her 2020 album, ….but i’d rather be with you, which was her quarantine passion project.

“I decided that I was going to learn how to record myself and do a quarantine-style record since I couldn’t come out here and play for you all, and I couldn’t get together with my friends and play with them.

So, I recorded all my parts in my house and sent out these songs to other friends who recorded in their home studios, and it was a really fun project that kept me going during those days.” 

The album version of this song is more dolled up and follows the original tune more closely. This version highlights the true sound of Tuttle with lots of guitar and banjo picking. The harmonies her band members layer on top of her vocals give a new dimension to the song.

Everyone on stage is so in tune with the music, and the viewer can tell they are feeling each beat through the focus in their eyes. While being so in tune, they still find a way to have their energy radiate into the crowd and have fun.

I can’t get enough of the song, and each time I watch the video, I feel like I notice something new that makes it even more enjoyable.

Y’all just need to check it out for yourselves.

And here’s the original from The Rolling Stones.

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