Tennessee Fan Tears His ACL Celebrating Upset Victory Over Alabama: “Worth It”

Tennessee fan

Incase ya haven’t heard, Tennessee defeated the mighty Alabama Crimson Tide in football this past Saturday by a score of 52-49 in epic fashion, making a game winning field goal as time expired to seal the deal.

This was MASSIVE, because the Volunteers had lost a whopping 15 games in a row to the Tide, dating back to 2006.

Just think about it, some of these freshmen were only two or three years old the last time Tennessee beat Bama, so needless to say, they drank the entire city of Knoxville out of alcohol that night, while also tearing down the goal posts and storming the field after the game.

There’s one thing for certain about Tennessee fans, and it’s that they’ve been in a massive football drought for over a decade, which has been tough considering their rich history of success on the gridiron.

Not to mention, they’re about as passionate of a sports fanbase as you can find, so you already know they were going crazy over the W.

With that being said, this Vols fan may have partied just a bit too hard, and he’s gonna be out for a hot minute.

We’ve all seen the crazy fan reaction videos, whether they win or lose the game.

We’ve seen videos of people smashing their TVs, cussing out their family, or just breaking other objects in general.

But when Tennessee kicker Chase McGrath nailed the 40-yard field goal to win the game, the only thing this Tennessee super fan did was break himself…

I’m talking about he celebrated so hard by jumping up and down, that he ended up tearing his ACL.

In the video, you can see the guy in the back frantically jumping up and down, and then his knee buckles, so he dips down to grab it, eventually falling to the ground trying to smile through the pain.

A beautifully tragic timeline of events, if I must say so myself:

Worth it…

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock