Stupid Tourist Gets Dangerously Close To A Large Bull Elk, Nearly Meets His Maker

Elk estes Park

They were rooting for the elk…

Week after week there are videos popping up of someone nearly dying at the expensive of a cellphone picture in a National Park.

If you’re using a cellphone, you are not a wildlife photographer, so, please, for the love of god, don’t try to be…

Wildlife photographers have very expensive lenses that help maintain very safe distances from wildlife. Typically, these cameras take quality photos from a couple hundred feet at least, while some are even more than that.

These people also generally know at least a little bit of information about these animals. They know that there is a safe distance and what the risks are.

The person getting closer to a roadside animal with an iPhone in their hand most definitely does not know the risks. Even with the thousands of warning signs posted around these places.

A whole herd of tourists who think Estes Park is a zoo are seen with cellphones in hand watching a herd of elk.

One man in particular is seen getting close to a big ol’ bull with his phone in hand on what seems to be a golf course. If you’ve ever seen those killer photos of people golfing among the elk, Estes Park is probably where you’re at.

The massive animal is heard letting the crowd know he is not happy. The bugle is a clear warning that the elk does not appreciate the company.

But, given they already crept in this close, I’m sure they do not know and will ignore the warnings.

The elk turns to the closest idiot and charges. He picks his head up from the phone just in time to make a break for it.

The elk comes within inches of goring the man with his massive antlers.

That would definitely make you shit yourself and hopefully learn a lesson.

I have little faith in the lesson though as it just keeps on happening. At this point I just feel bad for the animals who are trying to live their life in peace with us


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