Woman Walking With A Cane Gets Dangerously Close To A Giant Sea Lion

Sea Lion

An accident waiting to happen is not one I want to see.

Sea lions are one cool animal. Females can weigh up to 600-pounds while males over 2,000… just an absolutely massive animal.

They will eat just about any fish that they can get ahold of and are hilarious to watch when they are sunning on rocks along coast lines.

But, much like any large wild animal, one should be very careful around them. Like many other wildlife species, they are relatively harmless to humans, except when provoked.

They can also still move very fast across short distances on land and have a very powerful bite.

Basically, like all animals, just enjoy them from afar.

This group of people is seen on the coast line approaching a large sea lion for some pictures. They get close and start taking pictures of the animal who quickly voices concern over the ordeal.

After not listening to its calls for distance the sea lion starts approaching the people. As one of them runs you notice she’s carrying a cane to help he walk.

Obviously everybody, regardless of age or disability should be able to enjoy nature and wildlife, but we should be extra cautious in these situations and not put vulnerable people in harms way.

They make it away but it’s definitely closer than it needs to be.

Be careful out there, folks, the world is not a zoo.

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