Whitetail Buck Pops Massive Pimple On His Own Head, & It’s… Pretty Disgusting

Deer pops pimple

How can something so disgusting, be so satisfying?

You might find the content of Dr. Pimple Popper with Dr. Sandra Lee, or Dr. Muneeb Shah, AKA the Derm Doctor on TikTok, pretty gross, but there’s a reason they’ve grown massive followings.

People just love watching pimples, boils, abscesses, and cysts get popped… they just do.

However, what happens when you’re a deer with big-ass abscess on your head? Well, they got the tough task of having to pop them on their own.

A few years back, Realtree’s Josh Honeycutt captured the wild footage of an eight-point white-tailed buck in Kentucky, struggling to remove a pimple.

You can see the massive welt the size of a baseball on the left side of his head, and you can only imagine how much that would suck to have to lug that thing around on your head.

Finally, after kicking and picking at it with his hind leg, the buck finally gets it to pop, as you can see the infected pus dripping out like a waterfall (disgusting, I know).

Ah, the beauty of nature… right?

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