Mississippi State Football Coach Mike Leach Gives SEC Reporter Hilarious Wedding Advice: “Go Elope… Every Female In The Family Will Terrorize You Until It’s Over”

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It’s no secret that Mississippi State head football coach Mike Leach is one of the most unique and funniest personalities in all of college football.

The guy is gonna tell it like it is, and doesn’t give a damn about what anybody else has to say about his opinion, which is why the college football world loves him.

And his response to just about any question always includes a long, drawn out, roundabout answer that seems to be way off topic before he finally brings it home. It’s hilarious.

With that being said, SEC Network reporter Alyssa Lang was interviewing Leach after the Bulldogs’ big 42-24 win over Texas A&M this past Saturday, when she flipped the script and asked Leach if he had any wedding planning advice, as she had just gotten engaged to her boyfriend.

That’s when he responded:

“Whatever you and Trevor decide, I would keep it on the down low. But you failed to do that, Trevor was probably planning to, but you didn’t.

So, go ahead and don’t say anything else about it, but as soon as the season is over or even an off week, go elope. Trust me on that. Go elope.

Because basically every female in the family is going to terrorize you guys until it’s over. Once it’s over, they’ll be upset for a few days, but it’ll be over. Then you cruise along, have a happy marriage, have a happy life.”

His reasoning behind the “elope” statement is because he assured Lang that every female she’s close to in her life will “terrorize” her about a wedding, so that’s why they need to just keep the marriage on the down low.

He also mentioned that he’s tried to give his kids an extra $10,000 to elope, but none of them have done it yet.

Coach Leach? The guy’s a legend.

Weddings are overrated anyways. All that money and stress just for one tiny thing to go wrong and the whole event is ruined?

Take my guy’s advice.

Not to mention, he’s got those Bulldogs rolling this year, as they’re off to their first 4-1 start since 2014, when now Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott was at the helms of Mississippi State.

Mike had previously offered his opinion on weddings a few years back, hence the question from Alyssa in the first place.

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