Bald Eagle Steals A Trout Right Off The End Of Fisherman’s Line: “He Got It… That Son Of A B*tch”

Fisherman eagle

Eagles are superb fisherman.

Often times, they have the ability to make a fisherman feel really stupid.

I know it’s happened to me before. Sitting in a boat casting my arm off only to watch an eagle start to sore above. Within minutes, it’ll swoop in and catch a fish right next to you after you’ve been fishing for hours.

As if to say “that’s how its done folks,” as it flies away up river.

Eagles have incredible eyesight that can be up to eight times better than humans. They can focus in on their prey up to two-miles out. We usually have to be within one-hundred yards or closer to really be in the game of most animals we chase.

Which is why eagles often thrive in areas with lots of fish, making our favorite fishing holes, their favorites too.

I would say this was the case here, but this eagle was looking for an ever easier lunch. He saw this fisherman’s fish and decided it was his instead.

The video shows a man fishing at Lewiston Lake in Northern California, with an eagle circling and swooping down in towards him.

As the eagle swoops down in for the kill the man fishing yells at it as he tries to fight the fish too.

The eagle swoops in again, only a little closer, as the man continues to yell, but the eagle is just sizing up the situation.

It circles around one last time comes in hard for the kill…

“Ah dang it, he’s got it… that son of a bitch.”

The disappointment…

It’s always hard losing a fish, but losing this way would be a whole new type of disappointment. Snaps your line, takes your lure and your fish.

According to the guy filming, he had a nice trout on the line:

“A bald eagle at Lewiston Lake in Northern California swoops down on a man in a boat who is attempting to land a nice trout. The eagle tries several times as the fisherman attempts to chase it off verbally.

Just before the man nets the fish, the eagle makes a final attempt and takes the fish. The fisherman is angry. The line breaks and the eagle takes fish and lure. I was fishing nearby and pulled out my camera after the eagle’s first swoop to record the action.

We need a comment from the fisherman about what it was like to be under attack by such a large scary bird!”

Tough scene.


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