Randy Rogers Band Releases “Know That By Now” Ahead Of Upcoming ‘Homecoming’ Album

Randy Rogers country music
Peter Zavadil

The Randy Rogers Band knows how to hit every drop of emotion you’ve got with their music.

The Texas country powerhouse has been a mainstay in the Texas country scene for the past 20 years, and boy, they keep proving they’re as good as ever.

In preparation for their upcoming ninth studio album, Homecoming, they’ve released a number of singles that prove that their best work is still ahead of them, and that’s saying a lot for a band that’s been so decorated for so long.

Thus far, they’ve released “Picture Frames,” “Nothing but Love Songs,” and “Heart for Just One Team.’

With that being said, they released their fourth single for the upcoming album on Wednesday, titled “Know That by Now.”

The song is a gorgeous, fiddle-driven song about struggling to get over your former significant other with vices, like heavy drinking and cigarettes, but it’s still not enough to overcome the memories.

Although Rogers tries to stay hopeful, saying that he’ll move on eventually, he knows in the back of his mind that it’s not true, and he’ll still be “running in circles” in hopes that she will come back again someday.

The lyrics tell it all:

“I say give it some time I bet that’s the cure
I’ll find someone else but one thing’s for sure
I don’t know what I’m talking about
You think I’d know that by now

I’ve been around the sun a time or two
Running in circles ain’t nothing new
I never moved on I just like the way it sounds
You think I’d know that by now”

Homecoming is set to be released on October 14th.

Give it a listen:

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