Idaho Driver Stumbles Upon Two Wolves Attacking A Moose In Broad Daylight

Moose wolves

This isn’t something you see every day.

Moose are one of my favorite animals. They are just so large, cool and if you’ve ever had the opportunity to try moose meat, it’s very tasty.

Meanwhile wolves are an outstanding predator who seem to have similar tastes to humans. They may like their meat on the rare side, but elk, deer, moose… they like to eat the same things I do.

Seeing a predator in the wild like this hunt is a rare thing. Seeing two wolves try to take out an adult moose isn’t all that common either.

The video shows a man driving through the backwoods of Idaho when he comes across a moose on the road.

Two wolves start attacking the moose. Working together, they strategically try to take down the ass-end of the moose, quickly taking bite after bite. As the moose goes towards one, the other attacks.

Wolves are fun to watch hunt because of how well they work together, they’re precise, efficient, skilled… not many animals do this.

The pair continue to nip away at the moose, but lucky for the moose, the man filming appears to have spooked the wolves in his vehicle and they bail for the cover of the woods.

If it wasn’t for this man the wolves would have most definitely got this one. It didn’t seem to have much fight left.

“Near the Montana-Idaho boarder. We came around the turn in the road and saw 2 fully grown wolves (1 grey, 1 black) trying to bring down a moose.

We stayed for about 20 minutes and watched the moose limp off afterwards.”

Just an awesome video of nature doing what nature does.

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