Baby Bald Eagle Collides With A Truck In Louisiana

bald eagle

Data shows that many roads in Long Island, New York are among the most dangerous roads for pedestrians in the country and, tragically, see a large number of pedestrian accidents each year.

Many results in serious injuries or death.

Recently, in an unusual turn of events, the Suffolk County Police Department was called to the rescue of a bald eagle that had collided with a truck. The incident happened on Sunrise Highway, a state highway that extends for nearly the entire length of Long Island.

Highway Patrol Officer Cody Matthews responded alongside New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Officer Nick Perkins. The injured animal was found on the side of the road with a broken wing, put into a cage, and taken to a rehabilitation center, where it could receive proper treatment.

It is not the first time this year local officers were called for similar reasons.

Two months ago, a baby eagle was rescued by a police officer, Sgt. John Norsworthy from St. John Parish Sheriffs in Louisiana.

In a post made on their institutional Facebook page, the Sheriff’s Department stated that looking after the safety of the symbol of this country takes high priority:

“Protecting lives is a top priority for deputies with the St. John Parish Sheriff’s Office; and for Sgt. John Norsworthy definitely includes helping a baby bald eagle in trouble.”

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