Koe Wetzel And Turnpike Troubadours’ Hank Early Team Up For Soul-Baring, “So Low”

Koe Wetzel country music

From the first listen, it was pretty safe to say Koe Wetzel killed it on this new record.

“Creeps” has been my jam since it was released, while “Money Spent” and “Cabo” were early new favorites, but it’s been the slower, more morose songs that made the biggest impression on me and stay stuck in my head all day.

“Oklahoma Sun” was the first that got me, I mean the chorus is just so catchy. Add in the early 2000’s Alt-Punk sound and I’m in heaven.

But over the past day or so, there’s been one that’s grown into a sneaky contender for favorite off the project.

“So Low” is one of the saddest, most personal songs Koe has ever put out. Like most, it’s a solo write, but instead of expressing heartbreak and pain through wild stories or characters, he flat opens up about the dark thoughts running through his head and the enjoyment he’s found in being down.

The chorus pretty much sums up the whole feeling:

“I’m so low it’s fucking awesome
I love the sadness and the pain
I’m so low it’s fucking awesome
Makes me glad there ain’t a cure for insane”

Cuts you to the bone.

The first verse digs deeper into the open wound.

“I talk to God and hope he’s feeling
Forgiveness for my ways.
If he ain’t then I just wasted a whole damn night up my knees
Whole damn night upon my knees, yeah”

If that doesn’t help explain where the Sad Boi vibes come from, than I don’t know what could.

Another piece that adds to this deep sadness is the beautiful, crying steel guitar played by none other than Hank Early of the Turnpike Troubadours.

Hank lent his pedal steel magic to a couple tracks on the record, but once again, while this may not be a “country” song per se, Koe and producer Taylor Kimball didn’t hesitate to call in one of the great Red Dirt musicians that paved the way for this new crop of Texas/Oklahoma stars who are tearing up the scene right now. Also, shoutout to another Oklahoma country artist, Holly Beth, on the background vocals… killed it.

Helps us understand the truth under the rockstar surface and makes me relate on an even deeper level.

Looks like it’s gonna be an emo Tuesday…

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