House Cat Hilariously Chases Black Bear Up A Tree… Twice

cat bear tree

That’s a mismatch and an unexpected result if I’ve ever seen it.

Cats are one funny animal. Their personality has just enough f*ck you and still with enough wild in them to create the most hilarious pet. They will proudly set a dead squirrel at your feet and minutes later want to curl on your lap as the purr.

Black Bear are another very funny animal. They love food and are incredibly smart. Their desire to eat anything they can get their paws on leads to some very funny interactions. The general fear of bears is almost kind of funny too, because any interactions in urban settings you can almost guarantee their interest is not in humans but only in their garbage. They are actually very easy to scare off in most cases with a little bit of loud noise and intimidation.

The size difference between a cat and a bear isn’t even worth exploring. It’s a massive difference, even a bear cub is larger than your typical house cat.

Cats are feisty though, often times they stand up to the things they are scared of. They are even a great predator, single-handedly being the largest killer of songbirds out of anything in the world.

But, still… A bear and a cat seems like there’s an obvious winner.

Not her though, not today.

A black bear wondered into someone’s yard just smelling around for an easy meal. The homeowners house cat took notice and got a little worried as it starred the bear down all fluffed up.

In split second the cat charges the bear, which gets scared and runs up a tree.

The cat prances away proudly as the bear sits in the tree. It comes back down only to be chased back up again. The bear is no match for a house cat.

Part 1

Part 2

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