Kendell Marvel & Chris Stapleton Team Up For Old Pro Anthem, “Don’t Tell Me How To Drink”

Kendell Marvel country music

I’m fully convinced that your liver recharges once you hit your 40s to 50s, and can once again drink everybody else under the table, including that young buck in the corner of the bar that downs seven straight Busch Lights and thinks he’s something.

I’ve seen it with my own two eyes, and I will go ahead and give those young bucks some strong words of advice…

Never challenge a seasoned veteran to drinking, because your buddies will end up having to drag you out of the bar, while old man in the corner is laughing his ass off, asking for another round.

With that being said, Chris Stapleton has teamed up with fellow country singer/songwriter Kendell Marvel to perfectly highlight this scenario with their brand new single, “Don’t Tell Me How to Drink.”

We’re talking about a kickass boot stomper about how Stapleton and Marvel may not be the as good as they once were back in the day, but there’s still one thing they’re great at…

And that’s drinking beer.

“I wrote ‘Don’t Tell Me How To Drink’ with my old songwriting buddy Chris Stapleton a couple years ago. Me and Beau Bedford tracked this song, and I sent it to Stapleton asking if he would be interested in playing guitar and singin’ on it.

It’s a damn thrill for me to have him on this Honky Tonkin’, Rock n Rollin’, Hell Raiser. Younger folks might be better at some things, but don’t mess with the old dogs when it comes to stuff like drinkin’!”

And trust me, there’s not a doubt in my mind that Stapleton and Marvel could walk into the bar as soon as it opens, and walk out after closing time.

Let this one be a fair warning to all the early 20s hotshots that are planning on going out to the bars tonight and testing the old guys to some drinking, ’cause it ain’t gonna end pretty.

Check it out:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock