Luke Bryan And Riley Green Prank Knoxville Crowd And Tell Them Morgan Wallen’s At The Show, Luke Says “30% Of The Crowd Just Pissed In Their Pants”

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That’ll get the Knoxville crowd fired up…

At a show in Morgan Wallen’s hometown of Knoxville, Tennessee over the weekend, Luke Bryan came to town with his opener Riley Green for a show on Friday night at Thompson Boling Arena.

And seeing as Morgan’s currently the biggest thing in mainstream country music (judging by sheer numbers alone at this point), Luke decided to have a little fun with the crowd.

He started to play Morgan’s 3× Platinum single “Whiskey Glasses,” before saying:

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the stage Morgan Wallen!”

And of course, the hometown crowd went absolutely bonkers thinking Morgan, Luke and Riley were about to team up for a performance in Knoxville together.

Morgan’s been out on his extensive headlining Dangerous tour since early this year, so unfortunately for all the fans who were so excited to see him, Luke had to break the truth to ’em:

“Morgan is not here!”

Then Riley continued, saying it wasn’t Morgan, but another country artist joining them on stage:

“I know Morgan Wallen’s not here, but you know who is here? Blake Shelton everybody!”

Of course, that was a joke too, but Luke was certain that he’d sent a lot the ladies over the edge just by the thought of Morgan surprising everyone in the crowd:

“Alright ladies… I’m pretty sure 30% of the crowd just pissed in their pants.”

I’d say Luke probably needs to at least double his estimate, if not more than that… the ladies in Tennessee love them some Morgan, in case that’s not very apparent by the screams in this video alone:

Honestly, if Morgan would’ve showed up at this show, I think some of those girls would’ve spun into orbit. Seriously, that mullet really does it for his hardcore fans, but I digress…

Luke and Riley have also been covering Shenandoah’s 1989 hit “Two Dozen Roses” together on this tour, and though some of the Morgan fans might not get over that joke for a while, this makes up for it in my book.

That Riley Green can sing some damn 90’s country:

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