“Lone Wolf” Is Classic Eric Church

Eric Church country music
Joe Pugliese

The album we’ve all heard about, but few have actually listened to, was finally released to the public today, and I for one am pumped.

Not just because I wrote an entire play for the Heart and Soul albums that the Chief released last year and want to see if these songs could have been incorporated, but let’s be honest, anytime Eric Church puts out music it’s a big deal…

Today, Church finally put out &a 6-song EP which contains the previously released “Through My Ray-Bans” and his current single “Doing Life With Me”, as well as 4 never before heard unless you’re part of his fan club, The Church Choir. 

The songs are quintessential Eric Church songs, but one really stood out to me.

“Lone Wolf”

It’s no secret that part of Church’s mystique is his constant presence in the mainstream, yet quite enigmatic, secretive life. The man lets us into bits and pieces of him through his music, but not much more, so when you hear a song like this, you have to pay attention.

“Lone Wolf” is an ode to Eric’s wife Katherine.

He credits her for rescuing the wild man she found and turned him into the man he is today.

“Only pack I ever ran with were the cigarettes in my pocket
My only friend was the sun and the wind to my back on the road I was walkin’
Nowhere to go, no one to know when I got there
Til’ I met you, I had nothing to lose and if I did, I didn’t care

Now this lone wolf is done runnin’ down the moon
In the daylight dark of the night, this heart is howlin’ for you
Yeah, this lone wolf ain’t lonely anymore
‘Cause you weren’t afraid to reach out and save
A lone wolf at your door” 

Come on, the lyrics combined with the funky, operatic style of the music, this is an Eric Church song. A bit rock, a bit blues, a bit, well… him.

Absolutely love when we get to peak behind the curtain at the domesticated side of The Chief.

Going to be cranking this one up for awhile…

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