Waylon and Willie’s Cover Of “Take It To The Limit” Easily Rivals The Eagles’ Version

waylon and willie country music

Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson collaborations are still top-tier country gold.

With many of their tracks heading steadily towards their golden anniversaries, today’s country still can’t seem to compete with this duo’s sound.

And there wasn’t much that the two didn’t tackle in their numerous collaborations, even winning a Duo of the Year ACM for “Good Hearted Woman,” before stunning listeners with “Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys”  two years later, the most popular track on their hard-fought-for album, Waylon and Willie.

But one track that often gets lost in the mix of their greatness, is their cover of The Eagles’ “Take It To the Limit,” a ‘70s hit for the rock band. The Waylon and Willie outlaw-edition of the hit keeps the vocals smooth and simple, with Willie leading off on the first verse and Waylon wrapping up the second.

Arguably, this song is also a testament to the two’s close friendship over the years, as “Take It To the Limit’s” noteworthy high notes played a role in running off Randy Meisner, The Eagles singer and founding member.

The old story suggests that Meisner was often unable to hit the track’s high notes in live performances due to nerves, and Meisner’s argument to remove the song from setlists put the band in upheaval. Meisner, also the main writer of the track, left the band shortly after.

You’ll notice that the Waylon and Willie version of the song skip over those particular notes for the sake of a more laid-back country sound, or maybe for the sake of keeping their longtime friendship? Who knows.

Either way, the duo’s version of The Eagles’ track is definitely one you’ll want to give a listen to.

And the original, live from Houston in 1976:

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