Kevin Costner Shares Memories Of The Late Ray Liotta Ahead Of MLB “Field of Dreams” Game

Kevin Costner Field of dreams

Long before Kevin Costner started making $1.3 million per episode as John Dutton on Yellowstone, the Hollywood A-lister starred in “Field of Dreams,” a film that has been making grown men cry since 1989.

And as if you needed any other reason to get chills or shed a nostalgic tear during the broadcast of tonight’s Major League Baseball “Field of Dreams” game between the Cincinnati Reds and Chicago Cubs, Costner reminded everyone of this year’s tragic passing of his co-star in the film, Ray Liotta.

In the movie, Costner’s character builds a baseball field on his farm in an effort to reconcile with the memory of his late father.

Liotta’s “Shoeless Joe” Jackson suddenly appears on the field, eventually inviting a crowd of other deceased players to magically emerge from the cornfield to play ball again.

For the second year in a row, Major League Baseball will recreate the “Field of Dreams” experience by hosting a regular-season game in a small stadium in Iowa close to where the movie was filmed.

Before last year’s inaugural game, Costner himself led the players onto the field (entering from the cornfield, of course) before giving a speech about the enduring, emotional power of that movie.

According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, although Costner will not be in attendance at this year’s game, Fox plans to honor Liotta during tonight’s broadcast, adding an extra layer of emotion to the event.

Last year’s game was an instant classic, featuring two playoff teams (the New York Yankees and the Chicago White Sox), a 9th inning Yankees rally, and a memorable walk-off homerun by Chicago’s star shortstop, Tim Anderson. And while the Reds-Cubs matchup this year is not quite as enticing (they are two of the worst teams in baseball right now), it’ll be worth tuning into for anyone who appreciates the magic of that movie.

And if you haven’t seen it yet, fire it up and grab the tissues (especially if you’re a dad).

Because nothing says “summer” like baseball and playing catch with dad.

“A Catch With Dad”

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