Texas Walmart Employee Quits With Epic Rant Over PA System, Calls Out Management, Perverts & More

Walmart employee

Walmart… what a magical place.

A Texas Walmart employee, or former employee rather, went viral a few years back for quitting over the store’s PA system with a full throttle tongue lashing of the people she worked with.

And now, she’s going viral again.

Granted, there is always two sides to every story, and I’m sure Walmart will investigate, but according to her, it wasn’t pretty.

Shauna went OFF:

“Henry is a racist, stinky prick… Elias is a prick of a manager… this company treats their employees like shit…”

Namedropping various employees, including Jimmy from Sporting Goods and Larry from garden center who are “all perverts,” she tore the entire company a new one.

“Jimmy from sporting goods, Joseph the cashier, Larry from garden center, you are all perverts. I hope you don’t talk to your daughters the way you talk to me.”

The has is garnering support from other Walmart employees that hate working there too.

According to Fox News, Walmart spokesperson, Anne Hatfield, said the company is investigating the claims.

“Walmart is committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace and we take every allegation very seriously. We have spoken with the person in the video and are actively investigating her claims.

Walmart does not tolerate any form of discrimination or harassment in any aspect of our business.”

Someone else, who happened to be shopping in the store at the time, also managed to catch the rant.

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