Hunters Left In Disbelief After White-Tailed Buck Sheds Antlers Immediately Following Bow Shot

A deer in a tree


I hope this chap wasn’t a trophy hunter because this wouldn’t necessarily make the best one.

The saying is “you can’t eat antlers…”

True, but who doesn’t love a good rack?

But this would shock the most experienced hunter. The thing is, it’s really rare to see any antlered wildlife shed an antler. Watching it happen live… it’s one of those things that if you witness it you probably never will again and should go buy yourself a lottery ticket.

Although a fella might not feel lucky after experiencing this at the moment, you are and I’m sure that this person learned to appreciate what occurred especially with it all caught on video.

The video starts showing a buck bedded down on an early winter morning with some fresh snow on the ground. This buck is nice and mature. It has a good size body with antlers to match.

The hunter can then be heard releasing an arrow from his bow. It hits the deer and it gets up to run. As it stands up both his antlers seem to come right off its head.


“He lost his horns. He lost his horns. I got him and he lost his horns”

The two hunters laugh in disbelief and what they witnessed and caught on video. The antler-less buck runs up the hill and clearly has lost some weight as he tumbles down in his final moments.

A shot that was so good the buck lost his antlers is how I would describe the story to my friends.

The video loops back and slows down at the exact moment he goes from a beautiful trophy buck, to a very nice buck with matching sheds to go with it.

Nice shot and even better video.

Jogger Take Shed Antler To The Foot


If you’re looking for a reason to get outdoors and experience nature, and not worry about spending a ton of money on hunting equipment, shed hunting can be a cool hobby.

Get outside, get in nature, find some cool antlers to decorate the house… shed hunting is a great way to get after it.

The sweet spot for shed hunting is generally February and March, however some bucks can lose theirs as early as December, and as late as April.

With that being said, you always have to be careful in the woods…

Although we have very little info on the situation, based on the shoe in x-ray, he might have been trail running (not actively shed hunting), but boy, he found a shed the hard way.

In one of the gnarliest accidents I’ve ever seen, the antler went straight up through the heel, piercing through the guy’s shoe and foot… nearly breaking through the top of the shoe.

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