Black Bear Chases Military Family’s Dog, They Chase The Black Bear Right Back

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Black bears are one interesting creature. They love urban areas because it means easy food is all around, easy to find, and there’s lots of things to check out.

They will eat just about anything. They love plants, berries and nuts but are definitely known to do a bit of scavenging and hunting. They will go after birds, smaller mammals and fish… even an unlucky moose or deer calf.

So, it’s not super surprising to see a black bear go after someone’s dog. Not that anyone wants to see the old family friend go out like that, but it’s hard to blame other wildlife for trying. It’s an easy target, and all they know.

A woman is seen on her home security camera running outside, realizing that a bear is chasing her dog. As the dog runs into view panic ensues as the women absolutely loses her mind. The whole family runs out as the bear chases down the dog.

The man comes running out and they get the bear chased off the property as he violently yells at it. The noises he makes are very hilarious but its definitely the right thing to do when a bear is acting like this.

But all, just a great job from the family…mom runs out after the dog, dad runs out after mom, kids protects the other, younger kid from running out the door.

“We are an active duty US Army Special Forces family. We were protecting our amazing mini Golden Doodle “Salomon” and I was protecting my family as the bear came near my family.

I did what any other father would do to protect their family.”

Special Forces, indeed.

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