Yellowstone Fans Are Wondering Why Women Keep Throwing Themselves At Jimmy

Jefferson White Yellowstone

Let’s be honest… there’s no shortage of good looking cowboys on Yellowstone.

I mean, the ladies love some Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser), the ladies love some Kayce Dutton (Luke Grimes), and I don’t even have to talk about Kevin Costner…  women 18 to 80 are in love with him.

The study Ryan Bingham, the rest of the bunkhouse guys are easy on the eyes, and then you have Jimmy Hurdstrom (Jefferson White), the lovable ranch idiot, who actually becomes a pretty competent ranch hand as the series progresses.

From drug dealer to cowboy, Jimmy’s journey is pretty wild. But through the first four seasons of the show so far, he’s become one of the most endearing characters, the guy you’re rooting for… the ultimate underdog.

And yet, it seems like no matter where he goes, the ladies can’t wait to get a piece of ol’ Jimmy.

In a recent Reddit thread, one Yellowstone fan asked:

“What is up with these woman practically throwing themselves at Jimmy?”

Good question…

Here are a few responses, and some interesting theories:

Single Cowboys Are Hard To Find

Apparently, it’s hard to find a good, SINGLE, cowboy when you’re in the ranching business. As one commenter pointed out, Emily explained it right when she met Jimmy.

So, for Jimmy, it might just be a numbers game:

“Emily said there were only a handful of single men in the county the 6666 is in and she had already dated half of them. And barrel racers are crazy so you can’t explain them.”

“Both the girls that fell for Jimmy are cowgirls looking for cowboys, as in another partner that shares the same kind of lifestyle/culture. Already that narrows it down like crazy.”

“Any woman who’s competing, finding a man who’s also competitive and not taken is a fucking gold mine. Just finding a guy who’s into horses actively and not taken is like winning the lottery.”

Jimmy is funny, a competent cowboy (eventually), and most importantly single… in cowboy country, I guess that’s all you need.

Size Matters

A number of Redditors chalked it up to the size of Little Jimmy… or, not so little Jimmy.

“The hospital scene, there is a not so subtle hint at the size of Jimmy’s stallion.”

“It’s because of his legendary…”

“Well…. God didn’t give him much brain so he must have given him a huge dick.”

“Jimmy fucks…”

Although, it was made clear that Jimmy was a virgin before Mia hopped up on top of him in the hospital… so why theories about the size of Jimmy’s hog may be true, the jury is still out on whether he knows how to use it.

Clearly, his game was good enough for Emily, though… she signed up for that for the life.

However, this might’ve been the best explanation of them all:

“We call this the Pete Davidson Syndrome.”

Seriously though, what is it with that guy?

Nevertheless, Jimmy has does have that Pete Davidson style, hard to define, quality that makes him seemingly irresistibly charming to women. Some call it BDE, some chalk it up to being a sweet guy with a sense of humor, but either way, Jimmy has it.

So, whatever you’re doing Jimmy, it’s working.

We’ll see how it goes for our newly-engaged stud in Season 5, which is set to premiere on November 13th, on Paramount Network.

In the meantime let’s take a look back at Jimmy and Mia’s relationship, remembering the good times, the bad times, and where it all went wrong:

Jimmy’s “Becoming A Cowboy” Conversation With Taylor Sheridan’s Character

What a scene.

Of course, although we might not know the name of the top of our heads, we all recognize the great Barry Corbin in this scene. We’ve seen him in Urban Cowboy, Dallas, One Tree Hill, The Ranch, and more, but here, he plays an anonymous wise old cowboy at the Four Sixes Ranch in West Texas.

Jimmy (Jefferson White) is banished from the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch after breaking his word to John Dutton (Kevin Costner), so he’s gonna head down to Texas to learn how to be a real cowboy.

And he’s in for a rude awakening…

As hard as it was for Jimmy, a meth cook who never rode a horse in his life, up in Montana, Texas was about to introduce a whole different world to Jimmy. One that would make him a better cowboy, and a better person.

But his first encounter, aside from the one with a centipede, is with Barry Corbin’s character, who drops some hard truths about cowboying on Jimmy:

“You’re not a cowboy… I can see it in your eyes. You’re somebody somebody told to come her to so we can make a cowboy outta ya.”

He ain’t wrong…

But then he tells Jimmy what being a cowboy is all about… glorious work, but a thankless endeavor:

“It’s the most glorious work you can do that nobody ever sees.

It takes every inch of ya… you’re gonna risk your life, your horse’s life, and nobody knows if you won or lost… it’s art without an audience until the day you die.”

I can’t think of too many other professions like that…

Check it out:

Taylor Sheridan Purchases The Four Sixes Ranch


The iconic West Texas Ranch, the Four Sixes, has officially been sold to Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan for a cool $192 million dollars.

According to Fort Worth Report, the 142,000-acre ranch located in Guthrie, Texas, was originally listed for a whopping $340 million, however the most recent listing from Chas S Middleton showed a price of $192,202,200.

A group led by Yellowstone and 1883 creator, Taylor Sheridan, has been confirmed to have made the purchase.

Of course, Taylor and company filmed down at the 6666’s for the most recent season of Yellowstone, as Jefferson White’s character Jimmy Hurdstrom was sent down there by John Dutton (Kevin Costner) to learn how to be a real cowboy.

A while back when talks of the purchase first surfaced, Sheridan, who is a Texas rancher himself, commented on what the legacy of the ranch means to him

“I can’t comment on a pending transaction but I will say this: the legacy of the 6666 Ranch and Miss Marion’s vision for the ranch are vital not only to the ranch itself, but the rich heritage of ranching in Texas.

This legacy is so important to me I chose to highlight it in the upcoming season of ‘Yellowstone’ and will continue to further the legacy and preserve its operations in a manner consistent with that great vision.”

A Four Sixes spinoff is in the works, and now that Sheridan and company officially own the set, it sounds like it’s time to get to work.

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