John Moreland Continues To Prove He’s One Of The Best Songwriters Around With New Album, ‘Birds In The Ceiling’

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Angelina Castillo

John Moreland has done it again.

His sixth album Birds In The Ceiling finally hit streaming platforms, and everyone needs to give it a listen. The highly regarded Tulsa, Oklahoma songwriter continues to impress with his deft lyricism in soothing vocals, putting both on full display in the new record.

Leading up to today’s release, Moreland released several singles with “Ugly Faces,” “Claim Your Prize,” and “Cheap Idols Dressed in Expensive Garbage.”

Continuing his penchant for deeply introspective songwriting, Moreland cautions that despite the thoughtfulness of his lyrics, he doesn’t have it all figured out:

“I don’t ever want to sound like I have answers, because I don’t. These songs are all questions.

Everything I write is just trying to figure stuff out.”

Birds on the Ceiling features an experimental new sound that one may not anticipate from Moreland, yet it fits the music gracefully and keeps the masterful songwriting front and center.

Here’s a few of my favorites from the new album… see for yourself why John Moreland is one of the most criminally underrated artists in music.

“Ugly Faces”

“Generational Dust”

“Neon Middle June”

“Birds in the Ceiling”

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