J.R. Carroll Drops New ‘Raging In The Dark’ EP

JR Carroll country music

J.R. Carroll has done it again.

His second EP Raging in the Dark hit streaming platforms today, and it’s just more proof that J.R. Carroll is a name everyone needs to know. A native of Oologah, Oklahoma, Carroll’s five song projects showcases his deft lyrical ability and the powerfully smooth vocals that make his music so special.

When he took to Instagram to announce the EP’s release date last week, Carroll had this to say:

“Me and my friends got together in January and started recording some songs. We picked out 5, and decided that it would be an EP. Between touring and a super limited budget, it took us a while to get it done, but I’m really proud to say that it’s coming out on July 21st.

The only people that touched this record are people that I love, and people that I consider family. It’s a story about trying to become a man you’re proud to be in a little town outside of Tulsa, and all the love and joy and heartbreak that comes with it. This project means an awful lot to me, and I sure hope y’all love it.

Thanks for your patience, and thanks for all the support, it means the world!”

Over the last month, Carroll has built anticipation by releasing two singles leading up to the EP.

On June 22, Carroll dropped the first single “Red Fern,” a full band rendition of the fan favorite “Where the Red Fern Grows.” He followed that up with “Other Than That” on July 7, and now the full EP is out.

Check out the tracklist below.

“Other Than That”

“Save Me”

“Don’t Lose Your Faith”

“Red Fern”

“Preacher Man”

Go listen to J.R. Carroll, he’s the real deal.

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