LeBron James Says He Hates Playing In Boston Because Celtics Fans Are “Racist As F*ck”

LeBron James in a yellow shirt

Los Angeles Laker and NBA superstar LeBron James and co-host Maverick Carter just released the latest episode of The Shop, featuring actor Daniel Kaluuya, soccer player Marcus Rashford, and artist Rashid Johnson.

And even when just the trailer dropped, LeBron was already making headlines for his comments about WNBA star Brittney Griner, who is currently locked up in Russia for the past few months after getting busted with hasish oil.

In the clip, you can hear Lebron say:

“Over 110 days, how can she feel like America has her back? I would be feeling like, ‘Do I even want to go back to America?”

Needless to say, people weren’t happy with the comment.

LeBron later backtracked.

He tweeted out:

“My comments on ‘The Shop’ regarding Brittney Griner wasn’t knocking our beautiful country.

I was simply saying how she’s probably feeling emotionally along with so many other emotions, thoughts, etc… inside that cage she’s been in for over 100+ days!

Long story short… bring her home.”

And now that the episode dropped, he’s making more headlines… for calling out Boston.

When asked why he hates Boston, he said:

“Cause they racist as f*ck, that’s why. They will say anything. And it’s fine.

It’s my life, f*ck I’ve been dealing with it my whole life. I don’t mind it. I hear it. If I hear somebody close by, I check them real quick, then move onto the game.

They’re going to say whatever the f*ck they want to say. They might throw something on you.” 

He said the team store was even selling shirts that were anti-LeBron:

“There was like a f*ck LBJ t-shirt… I believe they probably sold it at the f*cking team shop.” 

Of course, shit talking fans is nothing new, and even racist fans is nothing new. Other players have called out the Boston fandom before, but to call out an entire city based on a handful of negative interactions is probably a bit of a generalization.

Here’s the full episode:

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